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Attendance: Please make EVERY effort to attend your scheduled lesson time. Please inform me if you cannot make it to a lesson more than 24 hours in advance, and we will make every effort to reschedule. If cancelling with less than 24 hours notice a make up lesson is not guaranteed but will be considered on a case by case basis. Refunds will not be given for lessons not made up. Teacher cancellations will be rescheduled.

Please note: Getting sick with no time off is tough. I have decided to allow myself one sick day or family emergency cancellation per term that does not require a makeup lesson. It is unlikely this will happen but it’s best to be prepared.

Parent or Guardian Participation: Parent or guardian presence and participation are important and strongly suggested for young students. Parents and guardians are also needed to assist students in their practice and use the notes published online by me. I strongly recommend obtaining an adult size violin and learning alongside your student for at least the first year. There are rentals available in Eugene or Portland. Doing this will allow you to guide your student through one of the most difficult phases of learning with more understanding and empathy. This is hard!
Parents, siblings, and other guests are welcome to observe lessons as long as they do not
disturb the student.

Recitals and Other Performances: I offer one formal recital per semester and I ask students to perform at these events if at all possible. Other concerts and
recitals may be scheduled throughout the semester. Optional community service concerts may be arranged throughout the year at a retirement home or other location.

Instruments and Other Materials: It is the responsibility of the student to provide instruments and other materials as directed by the teacher. Required materials:
• Violin in working condition (and correctly sized for the student) – strings should be changed yearly. These three brands are good and I’ve listed them in order of price from least to most: D’Addario, Pirastro Tonica, Dominant by Thomastik-Infeld.
• Violin bow- bow hair should be monitored for replacement. Every 1-2 years is a typical time-frame for bow replacement or rehair.
• Music books- Suzuki Book 1 Revised or International edition without CD. You must also purchase the official recordings of the Suzuki books and listen to them every day. You do not have to actively listen, it can be in the background in the car, during meals, or playtime. Extra material as assigned by the teacher and can include flash cards, scale books, study books, or outside repertoire.
• Metronome (can be an app, not required for beginning students)
• Music stand (not required for beginning students)
• Rosin – Light violin rosin, any brand.
• Shoulder rest-I recommend Everest shoulder rests. I can refer you to the correct size.
• Soft linen or microfiber cleaning cloth. (I often can provide this item)
• Bag to keep everything in and bring to lessons.
Recommended suppliers:

Online music/strings/accessories:

Eugene violins/bows/music/accessories:, http://www.beacock

Portland violins/bows:

Practice and Preparation: Since music is a discipline as well as a rewarding activity, I recommend my students to practice 5 days a week. With younger students I will recommend a length of time and try to help guide parents to help establish effective practice habits. Middle-high school age students will practice mostly independently and I expect them to practice as long as they need to in order to accomplish what I assigned to them. This could range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes a day.
I try to make reasonable assignments each week based on the abilities of my students. Being prepared is essential to using time effectively during lessons. If there are unique circumstances preventing practice and preparation it is the responsibility of the student to make those known to me prior to the beginning of the lesson. I understand that life happens and there are periods of time where practice will slump. Please bring this to my attention and we will work through it together. This is a normal process of learning a very disciplined activity and students should be encouraged to keep with it until motivation naturally increases again. Students should feel free to contact me if they are having trouble with practicing or if they do not understand an assignment. I would rather know ahead of time so I can offer clarification or advice rather than having to repeat myself unnecessarily during the next lesson.


I will be discussing goals and aspirations with students and families at the beginning of each year. We will touch base every few months and see how on track we are. I do not give out grades or written assessments, each person learns in a unique progression and I do not feel that adding pressure to this environment is helpful in any way. Music is to love and you can achieve incredible things through positive reinforcement. Whether your goals are to learn a few fiddle tunes or become a famous soloist I can help you through many stages of your journey.


Payments are due at the 1st lesson each term, and if paying monthly by the 10th of each subsequent month. Please read more here:


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