Hallowe’en Recital!

The Fall Term recital is coming up! Here are some things you need to know:

  • When: Saturday 10/29 at either 11am or 1pm. There are 2 times to choose from.
  • Where: Friendly Street Church, 2290 Friendly Street. Please show up 15 minutes early. There will be a few fun Hallowe’en activities afterwards with prizes.
  • Dress: Hallowe’en costumes! (If desired, this is not a requirement.) Otherwise wear something comfortable that looks nice. Please be sure all Hallowe’en costumes work for playing the instrument successfully. Be sure to practice at home.
  • What to play: Talk to me if you are not sure what to play!
  • Sign up for your preferred recital time with the link I emailed to the studio.
  • If this is your very first recital with the studio, you may observe instead of participate. Please communicate with me during a lesson.

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