Welcome to my studio!

Welcome to Meagan’s Music Lessons! I am an accomplished and passionate musician and I want to bring my love and understanding of music to as many people as I can. Whether you want a Suzuki style curriculum or a more traditional type of lesson structure, I tailor my approach to each students goals and needs.

I offer lessons on both violin and piano as well as music theory, note reading, and music history. Private lessons are mostly tailored around playing and learning the instrument(s), and group classes focus more on theory, reading, and history.

I love to teach students ages 4 and up on either piano and violin. Early childhood is well-known as the best time to begin musical instruction, but it is never too late to begin! Develop skill on an instrument you’ve always wanted to, or learn alongside your student for a rewarding “2-for-1” situation.

Feel free to contact me or register for lessons directly through this website.

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